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Absolute Beginner Dance Lessons in Dallas near 635 and Midway Exit.

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Come find out why salsa and bachata lessons are among the worlds most popular couple dancing styles. We offer 4 levels to take you from absolute beginner to advance dancing. check out the schedule and see which class works best for your schedule. Beginner Level 1 is taught in a progressive learning style to keep you learning something new all the time and improve your dancing in Overall.  We have this classes set up where we only accept drop-ins on day 1 and 2 of the series.  After that you have to wait for the next series two weeks away :).  This works very well so we can keep everyone in the class in the same level.

Our website is full of information but if there is anything else you need let us know. You can text us a 972.400.1605. We also offer other services such as DJ SERVICES, FIRST DANCE, CORPORATE PARTIES AND NON PROFIT EVENTS.

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Truth be told, no couple dance style compares in popularity to “Salsa and Bachata” anywhere in the world!

Salsa is the most popular couples style of dance in the world, and it’s quite easy to learn it. The good thing about salsa is that if you enjoy going out, you are able to dance from Monday to Sunday, because salsa parties are very popular everywhere around the world.
What I mean is that there is a different club every single night promoting a salsa night club or noche de salsa just about anywhere in the world. I don’t mean studio socials, these are night clubs or restaurants who make the investment in a Latin Night. In a salsa night in additions to salsa music you will also hear some bachata, merengue, cha cha cha, in some cases kizomba, and some but not much top 40’s. The scene keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. Everyone seems to enjoy the nightlife it has to offer and the people that it attracts make more […]