Wear comfortable clothes that allows easy movement. Avoid tight or long skirts, ties, long sleeved shirts or anything too warm or restrictive.
For shoes we recommend flat shoes or low heels that have an ankle strap and are secure around your ankles. Avoid thongs, slippers, mules or open toe sandals. We recommend to buy a proper jazz or latin dance shoe available at our studio. Ladies: Just use high heels if you are confident on them we offer 2,3 and 4 inches at the studio.
Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated, a towel, your deodorant, a spare t-shirt if you are doing more than one class and something like mints to keep your breath fresh are always appreciated for partner exercises.
No partner necessary, we do our best to get even numbers but sometimes we do get a bit more females or more males. It’s not something that you have to worry about because our classes are designed to rotate partners every few minutes anyway. So, if you stay by yourself for a little while you will have a partner on the next rotation.
Age is just a number, our students range widely between late teens to those in their late 50’s, with the majority falling between 20’s 30’s & 40’s.
We teach Salsa ON1, linear style with concentration of social dancing.

Linear means you dance on an imaginary line instead of in circles, which Cuban style is known for. Linear is the most popular way to dance salsa in Dance Clubs. Prepare to learn turn patterns, Multiple spins and shines in our programs

Attendees in our classes is 20-30 students but we do have some classes that can reach up to 40 people.
Not at this time. For those classes visit http://salsabambinos.com
Classes are around 60 minutes. Our goal is to start and finish on time to respect our students busy lifes
Absolutely, call us or text us so we can recommend which classes to take.
Yes, show your ID and receive 25% off your dance classes
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