Croatia Salsa Bachata Festival 2018 Workshops, Pool Parties, Boat Parties and Social Dancing

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Croatia Salsa Festival 2018 Experience Recap

Thinking about going to Croatia Salsa Bachata Festival or just looking for an excuse to go to Europe?

If you like attending dance festivals than you’ve definitely heard of the Croatia Salsa Bachata Festival that takes place every year lasting 2 weeks. One week is focused on Bachata & Kizomba and the Second week on Salsa linear and Salsa Cubana (Timba).

I been wanting to attend this festival for about 10 years already so I was way overdue but better late than ever. Coming from Dallas this trip is not gonna be cheap. I had to save some Mula for this one. I’m used to traveling to Latin America where you’re money goes further and Europe was the complete opposite effect.

I had never been to Europe so I decided this was the perfect opportunity and excuse go back packing through Europe and attend the Croatia Salsa Bachata Festival.

The entire journey timeline of my 18 days (3 weeks) goes something like this

  • First week took place in Italy starting with Venice then off to Florence […]
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Salsa Dancing in Medellin for week

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A week in Medellin Colombia

Around Parque Lleras

Planning a trip to Medellin Colombia? I strongly recommend it!

One of the first things you will notice is how nice everyone is here. If you ask a question they will try their best to answer it making you feel like you are the only thing that matters. It’s quite spectacular to be quite honest. The Second thing you will notice immediately is the amazing weather! Man, the weather is awesome here at 80 degrees with a nice breeze all the time. I love it! If you like Salsa dancing like I do, you’re gonna enjoy this part of the world. Live bands everywhere and so many options to hang out and listen to great music. The food is also to die for. I’m eating so much here trying to taste all the cool little restaurants around Parque Lleras.

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Gozadera Bachata Challenge

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Gozadera Social Bachata Challenge at Alpha Midway Dance Studio

The challenge is a 6 hours intense performance program that begins on the 3rd Friday from 7-9PM and then Saturday 11AM – 1PM with a one hour lunch and last from 3-5PM. The purpose is to train and perform for this weekend.

This is perfect for the individual that doesn’t have time to join a team but has 6 hours to train on the 3rd weekend for the month.

The level is intermediate to advance. You will definitely walk out of it with a feeling of achievement.

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Salsa & Bachata Lessons in Dallas

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Awesome Salsa and Bachata Group Class at University of North Texas by

This was not the first time we were there, it’s always so much fun going back and seeing all the new faces!

We enjoy going to UNT every year and teach what we love. We start with movement drills as a warm up and then get down to business with Salsa or Bachata fundamental steps. The goal of the class is to get the students comfortable moving to the music and leading or following some partner work. In this case we had a great turn out and everyone walked away dancing.

To start your dance journey join our group class or schedule your first private lesson all right here on our website. See you on the dance floor!

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Salsa Dance Lesson at Fidelity Investments in Westlake

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Are you interested in doing something different for fun or exercise. We can do both! We were very thankful to be invited to do a dance lesson for Cinco De Mayo Celebration at Fidelity Investments Westlake Texas. Our service includes bringing sound, microphone, music and dance instructors. Pricing starts as low as $150 a dancer.

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Special Promotion | Starter Kit | Ends 2/28

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Promo ends 2/28/2017

A package of services and goods that includes a Private Lesson, 1 Monthly Membership and a Pair of Dance Shoes. has been the #1 selling dance lessons for more than 4 years, making it the most trusted and complete dance program in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Options such as unlimited membership, private lessons, private events and amazing support are the reasons our students have fallen in love with our studio.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Read below to find out how this Starter kit can help you get started on the right track of your dancing exploration.

dance lessons in Dallas, Arlington and Mckinney

The starter kit is a package of products and services that includes a 45 minute private lesson; that’s a 1-on-1 class with a dance instructor. This is ideal for those considering taking dance lessons for the first time (one person per private and must be used within 30 days of purchase).

It also includes a one month membership of unlimited dance […]

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