Quinceanera and Sweet 16 Dance Choreography.

We specialize in cumbia, huapango, salsa, bachata, raggaton, merengue, and many other Latin styles. We also do non-Latin dance styles such as Hip Hop, Trap, Pop and more.

Dance lessons are taught in our two DFW Alpha Midway Dance Studios by our dance instructors.

We tailor to the specific needs and the abilities of the quinceanera and the members in her court.


You can schedule your dance lessons at any time and including weekends for your convenience. Dance lessons are taught at either of the Alpha Midway Dance Studio Locations where we currently host our classes. Each class is 55 min long. You can buy one class or choose from one of our bundles of classes to save some money.


The court dance or A/K/A The Group fun dance typically consisting of friends and family will meet at either of the two Alpha Midway Dance Studio Locations. You can schedule your classes at any time including weekends for your convenience.

The more members in your dance court party, the longer it will take to learn your dance routines. Two hour lessons are available and sometimes recommended. This is your special day. We are here to help you make sure everything looks great on the dance floor.

The “surprise” dance portion of the Quinceañera, while optional, is often considered the most fun part of the party planning for the birthday girl. A choreographer is usually hired to help the Quinceañera plan a dance featuring herself dancing with her “damas” and “chambelanes” (or chamberlains). Any fun dance song is up for grabs.


1 Lessons

  • 55 min each

3 Lessons

  • 55 min each

6 Lessons

  • 55 min each

12 Lessons

  • 55 min each