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Single Class

  • 1 hour

Bundle of 5

  • 5 hours

Bundle of 10

  • 10 hours

Private Lessons Expire in 120 days after the day of purchase

Look at our schedule availability right here in just
3 Easy steps.

Select Instructor & day, Click the search button and just pick the most convenient time for you.
If the time is not showing it’s because we are booked already.

“If you want to schedule a “last minute” private lesson (within 24 hours) please give us a call to confirm that our instructors are available 877.797.2572″

Recommended before joining group classes

Avoid creating bad habits before or during group classes by taking a few private lessons. During the hour we will train your ear to find the correct beat, how to stay balanced while spinning and how to lead/follow. Focus on learning new patterns in group classes rather than trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong

Ready to salsa sooner than later?

Salsa and Bachata Private Lessons will give you faster results for the obvious reasons. First of all, a private lesson equals to 2-3 group lessons. You get 1 hour of full and undivided attention from the instructor where he will focus on your strengths and weaknesses setting up a dance program customized to your abilities. You won’t believe your improvement after each lesson!

The goal in private classes is to get you dancing and enjoying the music as soon as possible. We offer our private lessons at the convenient location of Alpha Midway Dance Studio. We schedule the class around your schedule making this appointments very flexible.

Feel the spark with every dance lesson!

Feel free to text me if you have any questions: