Who we are

Our mission consist of three goals.

1. To introduce everyone to dance and all of it’s benefits. Prepare for Fun, a new hobby, events, welcoming community, challenge, fitness, Mind, Meditation.

2. Create bonds among individuals through dance. Create unshakeable bonds, Make new friends, Establish new relationships

3. Make the dance experience a journey that will impact your mind, body and soul. Dance is a journey you don’t do by yourself. There is many people joining you and cheering for you. Prepare also for a workout and burning through calories.
We will make sure you also get a cardio workout along with the mental workout.
When you leave the studio you will be amazed how relaxed your mind is and how easy it was to block all the other things that can wait a couple hours. Our dance community awaits for you. Dance is for all fitness and dance levels!
  • 2010 Started teaching at various DFW Dance Studios Part-Time
  • 2011 Opened Salsabysal Dance Studio
  • 2012 went to full time dancing and teaching
  • 2013 opened Alpha Midway Dance Studio