Project Description

International Dallas Salsa Congress and Festival 2013 

Celebrating 7 years of Salsa Music and Dancing

International Performers:Yamulee, Tito & Tamara, Salsa Y Control, Jayson Molina, Jorge Y Lupita, Alien & Cristian, Vladimir & Cindi, Salzumba, and many more…

International Dancers and Instructors
Be a part of this most historic salsa congress yet!

  • Friday OCT 18th @ 8 PM
  • Saturday OCT 19th @ 8 PM
  • Sunday, OCT 20th @ 8 PM


An insane amount of talent at the 7th Annual Dallas Salsa Congress with enough crown jewels to astonish any king or queen. Spectacular performances and workshops that brought fresh new perspectives to the North Texas. And Jayson Molina, who has performed at every congress on the planet, was blown away when the party never stopped. In fact, the real magic began around 2 am Sunday morning when top dancers from around the world formed a circle and began challenging each other. Everyone was too intoxicated by the rhythm to let the night end. This is the soul of our congress — surrendering to the music and the pure joy of SALSA!

Salsa Dallas Promotions in Dallas, TX. is an organization comprised of area merchants and property owners striving to fight against obesity while reviving  Salsa Music/Salsa Dance Shows.

The Dallas Salsa Congress is a multicultural, family-friendly entertainment and open to everyone age 10 and up.