Join Mara and Sal for some New York Style Salsa Dancing!

Every Saturday Salsa on 2, Styling and footwork, and Bachata

What to expect!

Expect to have fun and meet a bunch of new friends.  You will not only learn how to dance but you’re going to make good friendships with dancing.  You can rest assure you’re learning the right moves you need to have fun dancing in salsa clubs.

Mara and Sal both have been dancing over 10 years with extensive training in Salsa and other styles.  No experience necessary means two left feet, no beat, never danced before, first dance class ever, and I’m a two stepper.  It doesn’t matter what you’re experience level is.  Just do the most difficult part and show up.  We will take care of the rest.

Each Series is $40 with Pre-Registration (before Feb 4th; $50 at the doors). Drop-in’s to any class are welcomed ($15 per class). For more info:

Salsa Saturday Pre-Registratiion


Here is a nice show case I found of New York Style Salsa Dancing