Birth of the Bachata music happened sometime in the early 1960’s


Bachata music originated in the Dominican Republic back in 1961 with the name “Campesino Bolero.”  Years later through its popularity, it made it to the capital of Santa Domingo and it became known as Bachata. This music was not popular among the higher circles of Dominican Republic. It was embarrassing to be caught listening to Bachata music. Even followers had to stick together and attend popular Bachata spots secretly to dance or play. The first singer to be given credit for Bachata singing was a man by the name of  Jose Manuel Calderon also known as “The Father Of Bachata”. The first singles of the Bachata songs were called “Borracho de amor” and “Que sera de mi” by Mr. Calderon. These songs back then as the ones today were very romantic and about love or disappointing love. When he released them, at that time the most popular and accepted music style was Merengue.  Unfortunately, Bachata music did not grow in the Dominican Republic back in the days to where it is today. The magic actually has happened in New York where a high population of Dominicans reside who were not very concerned of the social circles like in the Dominican Republic.  There it began to evolve and grow with some of the biggest singer names we know today such as Monchy and Alexandra and with the most famous group: Aventura.