Croatia Salsa Festival 2018 Experience Recap

Thinking about going to Croatia Salsa Bachata Festival or just looking for an excuse to go to Europe?

If you like attending dance festivals than you’ve definitely heard of the Croatia Salsa Bachata Festival that takes place every year lasting 2 weeks. One week is focused on Bachata & Kizomba and the Second week on Salsa linear and Salsa Cubana (Timba).

I been wanting to attend this festival for about 10 years already so I was way overdue but better late than ever. Coming from Dallas this trip is not gonna be cheap. I had to save some Mula for this one. I’m used to traveling to Latin America where you’re money goes further and Europe was the complete opposite effect.

I had never been to Europe so I decided this was the perfect opportunity and excuse go back packing through Europe and attend the Croatia Salsa Bachata Festival.

The entire journey timeline of my 18 days (3 weeks) goes something like this

  • First week took place in Italy starting with Venice then off to Florence and ending in Rome
  • From Rome I went back to Venice and from there I drove to Croatia to attend the Festival
  • Second Week took place in Prague, Amsterdam, Brussels  and Paris which by the way I loved Amsterdam and Paris the most!!!! Especially since France Played Belgium and I got to watch the game in Paris. Crazy energy in Paris over this soccer match and France WON!!! Celebration at it’s best….

Here is the pics and videos of the journey