Those who love to dance salsa or bachata need a good pair of dance shoes to be in best form for dancing. Even the best dancers can’t perform at their potential because they do not have good dance shoes.

Having comfortable dancing shoes is a very crucial aspect to look into if you are a serious dancer. No one likes to wear shoes that hurt their feet, yet alone dance the whole night and be left with sore feet and blisters. It is also important for your feet to get the best support possible while dancing or otherwise you could get an injury.

The aesthetics of the shoe is needed if you are a performer, but never at the price of comfort and support. Dancers should buy high quality dancing shoes that will last longer and provide needed support during dancing marathons.

Salsa dancing requires a lot of spinning; therefore, you need shoes with special soles meant for spinning like leather or suede.

For your first pair, you will probably want to go with a neutral color so you’ll be able to wear them with many outfits.

Proper dance shoes should have a snug fit but should not hurt the dancers feet. The feet should be in contact with all parts of the shoe for dancers to maintain good balance.  If you’re looking for a good pair of shoes make sure to stop by Alpha Midway Dance Studio and check out the collection.  You can also see images of our available in-store selection here.  If we don’t have the right one let us know and we can order it for you.  For further details and suggestions you can email us by clicking here.