dancers were hired for choreography, acting and dancing for the video commercial recording for Restaurant Cafe Salsera. This place brings something unique and fresh to the well known district of Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX.

Located in the very Entrance of Deep Ellum it is bound to catch your attention as you pass by. Just next door the 7 eleven located on the cross intersection of Elm Street and Good Latimer. This restaurant is a full renovation of an existing location. Their moto of the restaurant is “Where Dancing Meets Dining”. So, Make plans to make your Saturday night outing to this fun and unique Restaurant where cutting corners were not part of the agenda. it was built to give you a feel and unique experience.

Recently opened in June of 2015 and exciting to see its growth for the years to come. To find out more about cafe salsera please visit their website.  Check out their delicious menu here.

Hours of operation:

MONDAY – THURS: 7am – 11pm
FRIDAY: 7am – 2am
SATURDAY: 10am – 2am
SUNDAY: 10am – 10pm

More about Cafe Salsera on the Observer

Pictures at Cafe Salsera Photo Shoot

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