7 Days of Salsa Dancing

Salsa Clubs in Dallas

I have created a page featuring all the night clubs in Dallas that have a theme night of Salsa and Bachata Dancing. I hope this page assists you in finding the venue you’re looking for especially if you’re from out of town. Check out the different options there is a week to go salsa dancing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. There is a video of the night for every club to show the venue and ambiance it offers to help you select. We also include a map and address for your directions. We are constantly updating this website to keep up with new venues and updating any changes. Please send us your information if you would like to be added to our webpage for Dallas Salsa Clubs free of charge. All we ask is that you post a link in your website to ours for our salsa lessons in Dallas area

Espanol/Clubs en Dallas

Esta pagina se hiso para obtener informacion sobre los antros/clubs de baile en la ciudad de Dallas y sus alrededores. Puse la informacion necesaria para darles una idea las opciones que hay en Dallas para noches latinas de salsa donde ponen merengue, bachata, zouk, kizomba, yreggeton. Tenemos un lugar todas las noches de salsa/bachata. Puedes verlos abajo y escojer el que te llame mas la atencion. Puse videos de la noche para que sepas como se pone el ambiente y tambien un mapa para tu conveniencia. Seguido estoy asiendo cambios para tratar de tener todo al tiempo. Bueno, ya que vistes todas las opciones vamonos a rumbiar y a gozar alimentando la addiccion del la salsa.
Class Schedule

LEARN HOW TO DANCE SALSA & BACHATA IN 4 WEEKS, Boost your self confidence, meet new people and maybe find love! Classes are only $10

Class Schedule
My salsa skills have undeniably improved leaps and bounds since starting private lessons with “Salsa by Sal.” Excellent 1:1 training, exceptional ability to break-down and teach even complex moves, and an affordable price… what more could a salsera ask for?
Sara, My Company
Sal is a stellar salsa instructor! He has a knack for providing the tiniest of details that help anyone improve (beginners or those advanced). Every class is a joy to attend and he goes out of his way to include his students in weekly dance outings.
Super Dave, My Company
Sal is an amazing salsa and bachata instructor. When I first moved to Dallas I tried a bunch of different studios and instructors but Sal was the most dynamic and passionate. He truly cares about his students and fosters a family-like environment. After classes he always invites the students out to group dinners or dancing excursions to the local clubs.
Laura, My Company

Skewers in Addison

Located in Addison near Midway and Beltline

Large venue offering the dancing community in Dallas a great dance space for Latin Dancing. The night is a Salsa Based Theme with Dallas Popular Deejay Colombiano. You can also expect to hear your favorite Bachata, Merengue, Timba y Mas... Hookah Services available   14905 Midway Rd Addison, TX | Tel. (469) 317-7870 | www.skewers-kabobhouse.com/

Blue Mesa Addison

Located in Addison near Monfort and Beltline

Large venue offering a Tropical Noche De Salsa in Dallas. Good Dj's and this is the spot where most good dancers like to go dance on the weekend.   14866 Montfort Drive | Tel. 972.934.0165 | http://bluemesagrill.com



Downtown Dallas

Two story venue with two themes. First floor is International Latin Music where the second floor is Tropical theme playing Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. On any given Saturday expect to party with 500 plus people. A very well run club with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video.   3885 Beltline Rd. Addison TX 75001 | Tel. 972.488.2647 | www.alamiraddison.com

Chichos in Addison, TX

On Beltline between Marsh and Midway

A different concept, begin and finish early. Starts at 7 PM and it ends at 12 Midnight. A Place where all levels come together and enjoy space to dance.   3957 Belt Line Road, Addison, TX 75001 | Tel. (972) 701-0817

Stratos Greek Taverna

Northwest Dallas

Dance all night with Dallas Favorite DJ Colombiano. A real late start though 11:45 is when the night gets going. A really late crowd but really good night to practice your dancing.   2907 W. Northwest Hwy. Dallas, TX 75220 | Tel. 214.352.3321

Sisu Bar

Uptown Dallas

A very upscale, trendy club with a pool. In the summer the spot to be is Sisu. Mix crowd and music. They will play a few Salsa Songs and Lot's of Top'40s and Raggaeton.   2508 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX | Tel. 214.298.4311 | facebook.com/SISUUptown

Sharks Bar

Plano, TX

Located at Willow Bend Mall facing Parker Av. Every Friday night with two dance floors to choose from with Top 40's and other with Latin Dancing.   6121 W. Park Blvd Plano, TX | Tel. 214-299-8995 | www.sharkbarcatering.com/


Glorias Restaurant

Addison, TX

Glorias in Addison! Becoming a landmark to the Dallas area is offering a great Latin Night with one of Dallas most favorite Salsa Bands "Havana NRG"   5100 Belt Line Road # 852, Dallas, TX 75254| Tel.(972) 728-7271 | www.gloriasrestaurants.com/

Al Amirs

Addison, TX

Simply put this is the favorite and most popular Sunday Night of Salsa Dancing in Dallas. Always a great crowd and environment   3885 Beltline Rd. Addison TX 75001 | Tel. 972.488.2647 | www.alamiraddison.com