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Salsa Dance Lesson at Fidelity Investments in Westlake

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Are you interested in doing something different for fun or exercise. We can do both! We were very thankful to be invited to do a dance lesson for Cinco De Mayo Celebration at Fidelity Investments Westlake Texas. Our service includes bringing sound, microphone, music and dance instructors. Pricing starts as low as $150 a dancer.

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Special Promotion | Starter Kit | Ends 2/28

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Promo ends 2/28/2017

A package of services and goods that includes a Private Lesson, 1 Monthly Membership and a Pair of Dance Shoes.

Salsabysal.com has been the #1 selling dance lessons for more than 4 years, making it the most trusted and complete dance program in Dallas/Fort Worth.  Options such as unlimited membership, private lessons, private events and amazing support are the reasons our students have fallen in love with our studio.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Read below to find out how this Starter kit can help you get started on the right track of your dancing exploration.

dance lessons in Dallas, Arlington and Mckinney

The starter kit is a package of products and services that includes a 45 minute private lesson; that’s a 1-on-1 class with a dance instructor. This is ideal for those considering taking dance lessons for the first time (one person per private and must be used within 30 days of purchase).

It also includes a one month membership of unlimited dance […]

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Event planning directory to facilitate!

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Make your event planning easier!

paramifiesta_directoryIf you’re hosting an event and you’re gonna need to rent an event venue, linens, chairs and tables you want to make sure to check out this directory. It helps save time by having all the vendors under one roof. Check out their website at paramifiesta.com

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Hispanic Heritage Month Sept – Oct 15, 2015

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Recognizing the contributions made by the presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States.  Let’s celebrate their heritage and culture through the art of dance. . Hire us to teach, perform and explain the history of our dances. People enjoy learning about the different Styles and how they originated. We love what we do and what better way to share then telling the history of the popular styles of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Norteno or cha cha cha to name a few. We have done Presentations for a variety of businesses including Verizon, Hospital Staff, Hotel Staff, Colleges and more to discuss Latino Heritage thru dance! Call us today to discuss a plan for your event. 877.797.2572
UTDALLAS Celebrates Latino Heritage with Cumbia Dancing

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“BIG” Salsa Festival in San Antonio Pre-Party in Dallas

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TERRY & CECILE IN DALLAS @ ALPHA MIDWAY DANCE STUDIO One of the biggest parties in Dallas will be taking place at Alpha Midway Dance Studio on 8/22

Bringing all the way from France a couple with spectacular skill and talent are Terry and Cecile. They perform and instruct all around the world their unique style and patterns.


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Pitbull Concert in Dallas 2013 @ the Pavillion

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Pitbull amazing concert in Dallas 2013 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 052 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 050 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 049 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 048 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 047 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 046 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 044 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 043 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 042 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 041 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 040 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 039 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 038 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 037 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 036 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 035 salsa-lessons-dallas-sundays-pitbull-concert-pics-dallas-2013 034

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Salsa and Bachata Lessons in Dallas

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Why learn how to dance Salsa and Bachata?

  • Meet new friends
  • exercise
  • learn a new hobby
  • Be part of a community
  • Just absolutely fun and you can practice anywhere in the world

Many people every month join our classes and embark on this fun adventure

People join for many reason. The top 3 reasons that we hear from our dance students is the following three are to meet new people, a significant other loves to dance or a new years resolution. For the most part too people just get tired of watching and want to get in on the fun. When I ask people what has learning done to them most say that they feel more confident. The fact that you know how to dance makes you feel more confident at social gatherings. It feels great to have people want to dance with you because you’re the one with the dancing skills.